Monterey County supports effort to defend California in legal battle with Trump Administration

Defending the "Sanctuary State" law

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Monterey County is showing its support in California’s effort to defend Senate Bill 54, the so-called Sanctuary State law.

On Tuesday, Monterey County became one of the first counties in the state to join a growing number of local governments who will submit an amicus brief, or friend of the court brief in the legal battle against the Trump Administration.

The Trump Administration is suing the State of California over Senate Bill 54 or the California Values Act. The Justice Department also challenged other immigration laws.

However, California’s Attorney General is defending the state’s laws by saying California is abiding by the Constitution and has been successful in defeating other challenges by the Trump Administration.

Monterey County Supervisor Luis Alejo said, “I am proud that Monterey County is once again a leader in the state and is working to protect our immigrant communities and the trust they have with our local law enforcement agencies. Immigration enforcement is the responsibility of our federal agencies, not our local or state police. The California Values Act still allows limited cooperation in regards to the most serious offenders or violent crimes, but makes clear that our local police are not de-facto agents of ICE. We know that when there is trust between our immigrant communities and our local police, all our county residents are safer and people will be more willing to report crimes and testify as witnesses.”

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