More victims come forward in Salinas rental and immigration fraud

More victims come forward in Salinas rental and immigration fraud

SALINAS, Calif. - A Salinas man arrested for renters fraud is now being accused of scamming several others through various forms of fraud.

On March 28, Gabriel Castillo, 39 was arrested and charged with multiple counts of grand theft. According to the Salinas Police Department, he collected rental deposits from multiple victims, who were not able to move into the property because Castillo was not the owner of the home on Tudor Way in Salinas.

“Anywhere from a couple $1,000 all the way to $6,000 a piece, so we’re talking about a considerable amount,” Salinas Police Department PIO Miguel Cabrera said.

Since his arrest, multiple other victims have come forward to police saying they have also been scammed by this man. KION uncovered that Castillo was also running an immigration scam and posed as a licensed attorney.

One of those victims is Sandra Vazquez, who says she hired Castillo as her immigration attorney. According to Vazquez, he took $4,000 from her.

“When I went to the court they told me that someone had already reported him and that he no longer had his license," Vazquez said.

Castillo was released on bail last week. Police are now attempting to track him down.

“Obviously he’s avoiding contact with authorities because the location he was residing is vacant now,” Cabrera said.

Castillo is now wanted for additional grand theft and fraud crimes. If you know where Castillo is currently located contact the Salinas Police Department at 831-758-7250.

According to SPD, 10 victims have come forward.

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