New gun laws to take effect in new year in California

New gun laws to take effect in new year in California

SEASIDE, Calif. - CJ's Gunsmithing has sold and fixed dozens of firearms in Seaside, but in 2019 you'll need to be 21 to purchase a long gun. 

"In the last half of this month, we've got a lot of calls of 'I want to purchase a gun until I'm not able to,'" said CJ Fraley, owner of CJ's Gunsmithing.

Fraley said he has seen quite a few 18 to 20 year olds in his shop, each day. He doesn't believe the new law will bring any positive change.

"Firearm responsibility and ownership of a gun isn't necessarily an age thing. I've grown up around guns. I've always been responsible with guns because I was taught that way. This law is just going to make it harder for responsible people, even if they're 18 and older, mainly the 18 year olds, to buy guns because they're gonna have to wait till they're 21," said Fraley.

Senate Bill 1101 is just one of several, signed by Governor Jerry Brown, that will affect the sale and use of firearms, starting in 2019. Some believe the changes were inspired by the numerous lives taken at the hands of young shooters.

"18 year olds are pretty immature, in general. Hopefully, a few more years would give them more maturity, at age 21, to buy a long riffle," said Seaside resident, Charlyna Merabiglia.

Starting next year, that's exactly what the new rule hopes to ensure, and some seem to agree.

"I think first and foremost we should consider safety for everyone," said Salinas resident, Robert Lozano.

18 to 20 year olds can submit an application to a buy a long gun through the January 31st, 2019. Starting February 1st, the minimum age will switch to 21.

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