New form of affordable housing coming to the Central Coast

NNew form of affordable housing...

SALINAS, Calif. - UPDATE 9/27/2017 5:40 p.m.:

More affordable housing is coming to Salinas. On Wednesday, the Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation introduced the public to the third phase of the Haciendas project.

The housing is something that hasn’t been seen in the area before. Developers are using modular units that are pre-fabricated in Idaho and trucked over to Salinas, almost completely finished. 

"They have the sheet rock taped texture, light fixtures, bathroom and related finishes, appliances, floor coverings, lighting fixtures,” said Starla Warren, president and CEO of HDC. “They come set and the interior will be ready to be utilized. So we still have to finish the exterior area with the siding and the roof components, and all of the other exterior site work."

The nearest project like is in the Cahill Park development in San Jose. 

Developers decided to use the modular units because they are quick to build and less expensive than the usual way. Warren said construction costs have gone up 77-percent over the last three years. 

50 of these energy efficient 1,2 or 3-bedroom units are going up at Haciendas III, at East Rossi and East Lake Streets. They are all affordable housing units for people with 60-percent or below the median income of nearly $50,000 as of 2015.

"The need is not going away, it's increasing every day so we need to figure out different mechanisms to deliver that housing for those families that need it," Warren said.

Haciendas III will be ready for residents February or March 2018. 

At the same time, that’s when construction is slated to begin at 21 Soledad Street, a mixed-use development just a block away. That is where there will be 90 affordable housing units. 20 of them are specifically for those in need, including the homeless. 

Last week, city leaders told KION they believed populating an area with things that are positive can help drive out negative influences. Business insiders agree.

"We'd like to see a vibrant Salinas and an economy where people want to come here, a positive reputation for the entire area,” said Paul Farmer, president and CEO of the Salinas Chamber of Commerce. “Chinatown is very close to Salinas City Center. There are lots of investments being made there, the Taylor Farms headquarters building and many restaurants opening up. We need to have an atmosphere that is welcoming to people and having a more welcoming, safe Chinatown completely plays into that."

HDC is looking to bring these modular units to its next development in Castroville, which is aimed at farm worker housing.


A first of its kind affordable housing development is coming to the Central Coast.

The new development on E. Rossi and E. Lake Street in Salinas, will replace 14 deteriorating public housing units and an office building with 50 multi-family, energy efficient affordable housing units.

The Monterey County Housing Authority Development Corporation is working with Gurdon Modular Buildings and Zumwalt Construction to crane the first modular units into place.

According to the HDC, the modular units were constructed off-site and were transported to Salinas over the last several weeks. The units are the final phase of the four-phase Haciendas affordable housing development.

KION's Mariana Hicks has the details at 5 and 6 p.m.

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