New oceanfront property coming to forgotten spot on Cannery Row

Site of Monterey's 1st cannery getting a remodel

Cannery Rows Ocean View Plaza to get a remodel

MONTEREY, Calif. - Plans have been made to add to the site of Monterey’s original cannery -- giving the forgotten spot a remodel. 

Opinions are split on the current state of the site, formally know as Ocean View Plaza. The lot has sat untouched for decades. With every year, the century old cannery sees more wear. 

One long-time Monterey tourist, Paul Pacifico, said he sees it for what it is. "I mean, this is history,” said Pacifico. 

Some see it as an eyesore. Richard Coleman, manager of the neighboring restaurant, El Torito, said the area's current state is not great. “The broken down buildings. It doesn't seem too safe out there,” said Coleman. 

The City of Monterey and Ruby Falls Fund, the developers with the project, plan to add shops, restaurants, attractions, and 51 waterfront apartment units.

For the tourists that visit Cannery Row, the site will be a new spot to explore in the coming years.

"I was a little kid sixty years ago coming here. To see some of these buildings that have deteriorated over the years, it's sad, however for them to preserve it, as well as building some other structures here, I think it's a great idea," said Pacifico. 

Ruby Falls Fund said they are looking to build something that the community will be proud of. 

Coleman with El Torito said he and his staff are looking forward to seeing the final product, hoping developers will maintain the site's history. 

"We have to keep the history in tact, I think. We can't just tear everything down and have beach front. This used to be a pretty big part of California. So, we should preserve it for as long as we can."

Developers said that construction plans are in the works and that they plan to break ground in mid-to-late 2019. 

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