New trial in 2015 Hollister Day Care sexual abuse case

new lawsuit filed

New trial in 2015 Hollister day care sexual abuse case

HOLLISTER, Calif. - The family of a young girl who was sexually abused at a Hollister Day Care facility in 2015 has filed a new lawsuit.

This lawsuit is not only against the day care facility and the accused sexual abuser, but also against the network care provider that referred the family to this care facility.

The Day Care is Josefina Ramirez Family Care in Hollister. Josefina's husband is accused of sexual abuse on a four year old girl attending the day care.

Now the victim's family is suing.

“She’s not only suing the molester and the day care center, but the network provider that directed her family to the day care center. Because she is saying had we known the information they should have told us, that there was problems at this day care center, we never would have gone there in the first place,” says Legal Analyst Steven Clark.

The network provider is "Go Kids," it's a company that contracts with licensed childcare providers and then refers families to those providers.

The victim's family says if they properly vetted Ramirez's Day Care, like the company claimed they did, they would have known not to send young children there.

Clark says, “there was an investigation into this day care center prior to the referral of this family to that center. And not only that they renewed the contract with this day care center after that and had they in that renewal process done vetting of this day care center, they would have been informed of this prior investigation.”

The trial for the civil case starts on Tuesday. 

Clark says it could settle as early as Tuesday, but if a jury is brought in, that could take a few weeks.

He also says the deffendent, "Go Kids" will be claiming, “that we should not be held responsible for this mans horrible criminal act, that is something he did on his own, we didn’t sanction it, we didn’t condone it and we didn’t know he was going to do it.”

KION did reach out to Go Kids, but they have not yet called us back.

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