Threat to pets: Pacific Grove Police warn residents of fawn season

Pacific Grove police warn residents of fawn season

Deer are no stranger to the town of Pacific Grove. For residents, waking up to a few in the backyard has become quite normal.

"I probably see deer every other morning driving around town," said a Pacific Grove resident.

"There are a lot of deer here, more than I've ever seen on the East Coast, which is where I'm from," said Pacific Grove resident, Dana Weinberg. 

April marks is the start of fawn season. This is the time when female deer start having their babies. Although these growing families may look cute, Pacific Grove Police said they pose a serious threat to pets. "We have a few does that are more protective of their babies than others. They'll typically see dogs as a threat. They will sometimes actively pursue a dog if they perceive it as a threat to their young," said Pacific Grove Animal Control Officer, Elizabeth Yeo.

Yeo said that simply walking a dog near a doe and her fawn could trigger the animal. She said there are warning signs that show a doe is ready to attack. "Usually the mama deer will start posturing. Ears are going to be perked. Usually a laser lock focus on whatever she deems the threat is. Stomping, huffing, and then sometimes the deer will actually start advancing," said Yeo.

This often happens in places one would not expect. Yeo said in years past, deer have brought their babies to residential areas. It's because of this that police are urging dog-owners to be even more cautious than usual.

"My dog likes to chase the deer, so we're extra cautious to hold him tight on his leash and not let him chase after the deer in the mornings," said a Pacific Grove resident. 

"You have to be careful if they're giving birth and they're very protective. You really need to steer clear of them I think," said Weinberg.

Pacific Grove Police recommend that dog-owners keep their pets on leashes during this time.

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