Petition started to recall two Santa Cruz City council members

Hundreds have signed the petition so far

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. - The organization Santa Cruz United has started a petition to recall two sitting city council members.

The home page for the organization states the reason behind the recall is to rebalance the city's government, among other things.

Part of the website reads, "formed by local stakeholders with deep roots in well-known and numerous community groups, we seek to establish order in our governance by rebalancing the Council to that of a more strategic, whole-community considering, and fiscally-responsible body, and one that is less chaotic, divisive and reactionary."

The two council members they are looking to remove are Chris Krohn and Drew Glover.

The website goes on to say the two council members "are heavily influenced by, and seemingly coordinate with, a single constituency made up of individuals who disrespect Santa Cruz, our institutions, and any semblance of rational policy debate."

If they gather enough signatures there will be a measure on the November ballot to recall both of the members, that would need a majority vote.

We did reach out to several council members and have not received a call back.



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