Public Works director placed on administrative leave following "inappropriate" email

Public Works Director placed on administrative leave following -inappropriate- email

CARMEL, Calif. - The City of Carmel-By-The-Sea has confirmed with KION it has placed its public works director, Bob Harary, on administrative leave following an inappropriate email exchange with an apparent resident of the city.

A Carmel-By-The-Sea resident sent a lengthy anonymous email that included complaints about the city's handling and preparation for storms: 

With all due respect to the outstanding Police Chief & Commander as well as the Fire Chief,
I must say that it comes as a surprise, if not a shock, that in the presence of
200K incoming for the ProAm,
In addition to local neighbors seeking and deserving order,
There has been far too much disorder,
And unnecessarily so.

Why is it that all the towns in all the world also have rains, also have trees,
But it is only Carmel and Pebble Beach that appear to be grossly
Incapable of meeting their community’s neeeds
And create havoc where there should be none,
Create disorder, where there should be none.

Rains happen - every winter - you can count on it.
Winds happen - everywhere - you can count on it.

Yet I do not recall another city on Gods Green Earth more
Incapable than Carmel has been.  The entire city has been out for two days.
You can’t drive anywhere because half the roads, including PCH is closed.

The Highlands has a giant tree in middle of the road on Corona.
Why that tree is even there, is puzzling. 
An ounce of prevention, dear.

Were there no indications that it was unstable ?

I can’t say that any of you enjoy unnecessary drama.
Unnecessary drama is the town going topsy Turvey every time there is a little more wind or rain than usual.

Winds happen.  Rain happens.  Winter happens. 
But what does not happen is a town going black, major stretches of highway on both sides closed.
Entire grids out for days.   This is not a 3rd world nation.  But by God, it certainly behaves that way.

God help this town if there is ever a major crisis. 
You can’t even deal with a little rain.

I don’t think a region as rich as Carmel / Pebble Beach
Can use the excuse of “Limited Resources” to
Address Laconics.

The way Carmel responds to the rain it is as if though the city is made of made of sugar.
A little rain, a little wind, and its upside down.  It melts into the sea.
What kind of town is this ? 

I appreciate the Police and Fire chief dealing with the highly unnecessary, highly preventable disorder
Carmel is thrown into every other time there is a little more wind or rain than usual.

But I think all that drama is fully preventable.  It should not happen in the first place.

I think it is extraordinarily puzzling how every town on Gods Green earth,
ESPECIALLY A Rich town like this one, can deal with a little rain
But Carmel - is just full of excuses.

And full of - preventable - unnecessary chaos - that ruminates - because
Someone somewhere has not been doing their job to keep things orderly.

A) These trees should not be falling down like Domino's
B) The utility poles should be buried where they can be

Putting in utility wires in between tree branches that move with a little wind - is Text Book negligence.
You really expect them not to snap, in the presence of slightly stronger winds ?

I’m not going to call the city council, managers and overseers, the mayor a bunch of slackers -
More inebriated with their titles than any real demonstrable desire to be of service -
But that is how you all behave -
Like a bunch of slackers
Who should not be in office.

I suggest you get your act together or resign.

Carmel has no use for such horrific displays of negligence.

Perhaps Carmel-By-The-Sea
Should change its name to

A good day to you all.

This morning Harary responded to the email, saying this:

“Dear Nameless Bafoon,

We suggest that you go to a proctologist who may have a chance of extracting your entire head out of your anus.

As politically correct as we can muster,

Carmel Public Works.

The Carmel-by-the-Sea resident ended the heated email conversation with this: 

And I suggest you resign 

From a position 

You clearly are unfit for.

It is unsuitable for a city official to stoop to such cheap vulgarity

As substitute for his incompetence, and lack of professional duty.

You need to resign, Robert.    

Your cheap unprofessional vulgarity is ill substitute for your clear lack of professionalism.

Your lack of professional response is indicative in your overall lack of professional conduct unbecoming of a city official.  

You need to resign Robert - before you are removed.  

You Robert - must either be drunk or a fool - 

to respond in such a unprofessional manner 

knowing it will be forwarded to city officials and the media at large.  

The Public Works Director will be on temporary leave while the city investigates the email further. The city tells KION, "That is not how we communicate with our residents."

KION's Drew Andre will have more at 5 and 6 p.m. 

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