Salinas PD asking for community feedback on TV show

Salinas PD asking for community feedback on TV show

SALINAS, Calif. - The cable television show Live PD has been in Salinas for almost a year, and now the city wants you to weigh in on the show. 

A&E'S Live PD brings the excitement of real police action to your living room, from departments across the country, giving viewers a unique look into the day-to-day call officers respond to. 

"We have been overwhelmed by positive feedback, not only from our community, but the greater country," said Chief Adele Frese, of the Salinas Police Department. 

SPD views the show as a success, but the department wants to find out how the community feels about the show in an online survey, posted on Facebook late Sunday night. 

The four-question survey asks if you feel Live PD portrays Salinas positively and how much transparency the department exhibits on the show. Participants will also get a chance to rate the SPD officers on Live PD. 

"We want to see what our community thinks. If there's something that we're missing, is there something we can do differently?" said Frese. 

On the show, camera crews follow patrol units around Salinas on Fridays and Saturdays, broadcasting everything from routine traffic stops to domestic disturbances live on television. 

People took to Facebook to comment about the survey, saying they love the show and that the Salinas officers "are amazing and very professional." 

Others say the police here set an example of how things should be done. But some residents feel police still are not being transparent enough. 

"Of course, they can't show everything, but there's other stuff they're able to show and I feel like it's hand-picked," said Kalid Sanchez, a Salinas resident.

Some say the show casts Salinas in a bad light. 

"I think there are other things to focus on in my hometown than just the crime that happens here," said Stephanie Castro, who grew up in Salinas.

Still, the police chief thinks Live PD is a tool that can be used to bring the department into light. 

"Oh, I think it's very useful because many people have commented that they didn't know the rationale behind some of our actions," said Frese. 

Salinas Police have just renewed an extension agreement with Live PD until the spring of next year. The chief tells KION so far, the survey has garnered over 1,600 responses and they are over 90 percent positive. 



The Salinas Police Department is asking for community feedback on their efforts to bring transparency to their day-to-day operations of crime fighting on the A&E cable show LIVE PD. 

The survey is posted on Facebook and contains four questions covering the community’s views of the show. 

KION’S Josh Kristianto will bring you more details at 5 and 6 p.m. 




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