Salinas police receive overwhelmingly positive feedback on LivePD survey

SALINAS, Calif. - After asking for community feedback about LivePD's presence in Salinas, police received more than 4,400 responses and said the vast majority were positive.

Police shared the responses they received to a four-question survey the department posted earlier in the week. Police said 93% of responses to the question, "Do you feel LivePD portrays Salinas in a positive way?" were yes and 6% of respondents said no. 80% of respondents said the Salinas Police Department is very transparent on LivePD, while 15% said sometimes, 3% said not very and 1.5% never. On average, the department received a 4.7-star rating. Police also shared comments respondents included with their answers.

The department said the survey was a way to explore how to increase transparency in the community and said it's seen that cities throughout the country face similar challenges.

LivePD, a cable television show on A&E, has been in Salinas for almost a year and gives viewers a look into the day-to-day calls officers respond to.

On the show, camera crews follow patrol units around Salinas on Fridays and Saturdays, broadcasting everything from routine traffic stops to domestic disturbances live on television. 

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