Salinas student recognized for using CPR to help save a life

SALINAS, Calif. - Salinas High School senior Celeste Colantro was recognized at the Salinas Union High School District's Board of Trustees for using her CPR training to help save a life.

The district said representatives from AMR presented her with certificates and gifts, but she also received a standing ovation from the audience.

The district said that on Aug. 10, Colantro was at Del Monte Beach when she saw a group of people helping a young person in distress. Thinking the person had just fallen or fainted, the district said she walked past, but then returned to get a closer look.

When Colantro got there, the district said she saw two people in the crowd starting to apply CPR. She told the crowd she was certified, and the district said she and another person at the scene administered CPR.

The district said the victim did not have a pulse, but with the compressions, the victim regained a pulse and started breathing. An ambulance arrived and took over, but the district said after a few minutes, EMTs approached Colantro and thanked her for helping resuscitate the victim.

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