Seaside hosts 4th of July Fireworks show

City of Seaside holds first fireworks show

SEASIDE, Calif. - One of the largest fireworks shows the Central Coast has seen in years happened Wednesday night.

The city of Seaside hosted it at Bayonet Black Horse Golf Course.

Hundreds came to the golf course for the only fireworks show near the water, some coming from as far as Greenfield.

"We were actually in Monterey this morning, so we did kind of the festivities there with the parade and things and figured we'd come out here for the fireworks," said one Greenfield resident.

For many who live in the area, the show in Seaside is an experience they've waited on for years.

"[I] have not seen the fireworks in like 15 years," said Monterey resident Michelle Best.

Seaside mayor Ralph Rubio says bringing a fireworks display back to this area has been in the works for some time.

"The council started planning this over a year ago and then put it into the budget and our parks and rec department has been working very hard on this," Rubio said.

The city says bringing the show to Seaside was not just a chance for them to bring the Central Coast community together, but something that could encourage safety too.

"I'm hoping that this will bring the people who are using illegal fireworks out to this event and even people that just use fireworks at home, this is just such a good community building thing to do," Council member Kayla Jones said.

The mayor says the city budgeted close to $125,000 for the show and that plans are most likely to be made for another display next year.

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