Solving the water problem in Monterey County

Monterey county infrastructure meeting talks about future of water

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Many ideas today on how to solve the water shortage in Monterey County.

The Monterey County Business Council had an infrastructure meeting today in Seaside. One of the talks was about the future of water. 

One of the a desalination plant in Moss Landing. This would purify the ocean water by removing the salt and chemicals. Another idea is to recycle water. This means treating waste and ag-wash water. These ideas don’t come free. But general manager of the Salinas Valley Basin, Gary Peterson, describes another alternative.

“I think that conservation plays a very important role in this. I think when we look at agriculture, we have to consider crop rotation, irrigation methods. We look at cities. We need to look at how to recycle more water for irrigation.”

Many speakers today believe it’s not just one solution that will solve the problem. It’s going to take lots of ideas and time.

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