Squid fishing season is off to a good start

Squid fishing season is off to a good start

MONTEREY COUNTY, Calif. - Local squid fishermen say this season is booming compared to previous years. 

In fact, they tell say the squid came to us, this year. Benedetto Bruno is one of those fisherman. He's been fishing for squid in the bay for over 30 years. And even though he's been at it for a long time...he always gets excited when it's a booming season. "Proud to see a comeback in squid or sardines. Believe me it's a big thing over here. It's a history.” - Bruno

Despite a few bad seasons in past years, squid are in full swing this season. This year...fishermen don't have to travel far. "Sometimes they are as far down as San Pedro and they are as far north as I hear Oregon…. we love it when they are here" - Gaspar Catanzaro - Monterey Fish Co., Corporate Executive Chef

Catanzaro isn't the only one who loves it. Locals and tourists I spoke with feel the same way. Justin Martz says he likes surfing while they are around. "It’s cool. It makes it look cool. Water, you can kind of see the movement" Justin Martz // Monterey Resident

Andre Navio is traveling from Italy. He says, "I didn't expect it to be such a big place...a lot of boats, a lot of fishing in the area. Which is kind of cool I guess"

Traditionally squid fishing was a big night-time activity, but things have changed. Squid fishermen are allowed to fish from Sunday afternoon through Friday afternoon. And Catanzaro says it's a 24 hour job
during that time. "A lot of times they catch them at night with the light...then a lot of times they catch them in the day. It depends on the squid" - Catanzaro

Instead of giving your loved one flowers on the next date, try squid. Benedetto gives some excellent advice when it comes to dating. "They are going to kiss you! It's better than gold. Squid is good because you can sauté, you can fry, you can bake it, you can stuff can do anything!" - Bruno

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