The fight against plastics could spread across Santa Cruz County

Survey asks about banning sale of certain products

The fight against plastics could spread across Santa Cruz County

SANTA CRUZ COUNTY, Calif. - An online survey from Santa Cruz County asks residents if banning certain products that are associated with plastics is feasible or not.

One question asks if county residents would approve banning the sale of certain types of cigarettes and cigars, specifically those with plastic filters.

Another question asks if residents would be okay with the overall ban of e-cigarette devices.

Other single-use plastics are also up for debate through the survey which the Santa Cruz County Board of Supervisors intends on discussing on August 6th as results come in.

"I feel like the phrase, even, the 'single-use plastic,' is not enough," says Phiip Granthom of Aptos. "We should be making less plastic across the board."

Aptos residents say no matter what is proposed, they're all for it, so long as plastics become less and less prevalent.

"Whatever it takes to wake people up, I'm in favor of it" says Aptos resident, Sandra Bisbine.

Other ordinances proposed on this survey include banning the sale of water in plastic bottles, banning the sale of helium balloons and also requiring contact lens suppliers to have a recycling service for those lenses.

The survey also suggests charging 25 cents for those who wish to take a plastic cup on-the-go.

You can also find the survey by clicking here!

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