Two suspects in murder of Monterey doctor enter not guilty pleas

Two suspects in murder of Monterey doctor enter not guilty pleas

LAS VEGAS - Kelsey Turner and Jon Logan Kennison have pleaded not guilty to murder and conspiracy charges in the death of a Monterey psychiatrist during an appearance in Clark County District Court Thursday.

They are accused of bludgeoning 71-year-old Dr. Thomas Burchard, who lived and practiced in Monterey County. Police say he and Turner had a relationship, and he paid her rent. Burchard's body was found in the trunk of Turner's car near Lake Mead on March 7.

Turner and Kennison's roommate, Diana Pena, pleaded guilty to accessory to murder Tuesday. She told the judge Turner and Kennison killed Burchard.

"I had absolutely no doubt in my mind that (Turner) was responsible," said Judy Earp, Burchard's girlfriend of 17 years, in an interview on Thursday. 

The not guilty plea does not surprise Earp.

"Tom had many times talked about how she always would brag about how she would break the law and get away with it," said Earp. 

She believes Pena is just trying to deflect responsibility. 

"I don't think any of them are real upstanding citizens, and they're probably willing to throw each other under the bus," said Earp. 

The trial is expected to be lengthy with the amount of material prosecutors turned in. Earp says that includes all the evidence found in Turner's Las Vegas home, her car and all the blood and fingerprints left at the crime scenes. 

But it was the way Turner appeared in court on Thursday that bothers Earp the most. 

"Her attitude was she was laughing and smirking and it's like... this is serious... I mean how.. are you even a human being?" said Earp. 

Turner's attorney Brian Smith says they will be in court again at the end of June where they are supposed to get an initial trial date. It could take years for the case to settle. 

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