Watsonville mothers teach sons lesson by having them wash police cars


WATSONVILLE, Calif. - Two concerned mothers are being applauded after going above and beyond to teach their kids a lesson.

Watsonville Police say the recently received a call from two mothers who said they stumbled across a video on social media that involved their sons and the Police Department.

They told officers one son was filming while the other son jumped onto the hood of one of the PD's parked patrol cars and ran over the roof until finally jumping off.

Though there was no damage to the car, the mothers wanted their sons to face some consequences for their actions. The women insisted on bringing their boys down to the PD to apologize to the officers.

Last week, both boys, accompanied by their mothers, spoke to a group of about 20 officers and apologized for their actions. One mother explained that her son would do community service at a local food bank during spring break. The other mother insisted that their whole family wash our patrol cars to make up for what her son had done.

The PD said, "Bravo to both mothers for turning this into an experience that we can all learn from!"

On their Facebook post, one of the mothers commented saying, "I was not gonna let my son slide, he knows better, I have never taught him to disrespect anybody, I needed him to understand that his actions will have consequences for the whole family, not just for himself! I think I made that point!  He knows I will always be there to support him and even put my hands in the fire for him, if needed, but.......he also knows I will not support anything that is wrong and will make him pay for his wrongs. I'm sure he's learned his lesson! Thanks to WPD for allowing and helping me get my point across to him!" 

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